Entrance to our Competitive Program is by audition. Being part of the competitive team involves longer studio hours and great dedication and commitment from both the student and his/her parents. But in return, the rewards are endless:

Students build great amounts of self-confidence, hard work, determination, and self-respect.

• Competition teaches students the discipline and attitude that is also needed in our day to day life.
• Lasting friendships for students and parents. Shared interests and valued opinions.
• We learn about teamwork and good sportsmanship. We learn how to win honorably and fall short graciously.
• Exposure.

Auditions are held every June, for students looking to join our Competitive team please call to get details 613-329-6743 or 613-848-4934.

Our competitive program is designed for the serious dancer. It provides committed dancers with additional training, performance experience, and exposure in the industry. Our competitive dancers range in age from four and up. Competitive dancers are required to take a mandatory ballet class (as ballet is the basis of all dance structure) as well as a tech class in whatever genre they are training in for the competitive season. For example: If your child is joining our Tap group then they will also be required to take a tap tec class, as our competitive classes are for choreography purposes only. During each session, our competitive team attends up to four competitions, with all at the choreographer’s discretion. To become a member of this program, dancers must audition at the end of the dance season, and have a strong parental commitment to support the competitive dancer’s success.