Our studios are equipped with all of the amenities dancers need including:

Trenton 2 Large Studios
Napanee 3 Large Studios

• Spacious studios that are bright, clean and fully equipped with Raised & Insulated Floors
• Tempered glass mirrors and wall to wall ballet barres
• Large viewing windows for family members to view progress
• Waiting room in foyer for parents to relax and interact (Front desk for receptionist to help out clients with questions)
• Large change room/lunch room with cubbies to put your belongings into
• Lots of parking in the plaza
• Caring & experienced teachers

We provide a family-oriented atmosphere, where students act like family & parents are good friends. This is a place where students not only grow as dancers, but are supportive of each other every step of the way. Since our establishment in 2010, our dance studio has provided a safe, enjoyable, and friendly atmosphere that encourages the growth of self-esteem and self-discipline through dance.

The Importance of Proper Dance Flooring

Safety is the number one issue with dancers when it comes to flooring. If a floor is not absorbent, the body becomes the shock absorber, resulting in fatigue, pain and injury. All movement generates energy and dance is certainly no exception. Energy that is returned directly to the body is dangerous. Shin splints, fatigue, knee and back problems, strains and even broken foot bones can result. Students should never train, rehearse or perform on a non-energy absorbent floor, such as concrete. Any substance laid directly on concrete does not remove you from the concrete unless air is involved. In addition to energy absorbency, energy can be dissipated by resiliency. Energy leaves the body, is transferred to the sub floor that deflects and safely returns the energy. This is the "spring" in the floor. Wood is the best of resilient materials.