Girls in Tutus

Our program runs each year from September through to June, culminating in the year end showcase showcasing students' talent and progress. All students from both our Recreational Program and Competitive Program participate in this annual performance.

Class Placement

Recreational classes are available for boys and girls of all ages and levels, in all disciplines. Our extensive class schedule allows for classes that suit your needs, at ANY age! We are happy to offer beginner classes at every it's never too late to start, and you know you'll be learning comfortably with other students your age range and level. All students are placed in a class that suits both their age and ability. Students are assessed regularly to make certain they are placed in classes that are best suited for them.

Recreation & Competitive Programs

DX is proud to provide quality dance instruction not only for our Competitive
Program, but also for our dancers who choose to dance recreationally.

Dance Xtreme Studio offers two separate programs: Recreational and Competitive. Our Recreational Program is ideal for students looking to get fit and have fun. The focus of these classes is on co-ordination and rhythm, all while teaching life skills that will remain with students in their future endeavors; social interaction, confidence, discipline and creativity. Personal attention is guaranteed in our recreational classes, to ensure students are meeting their full potential.

Our Competitive Program prepares dancers for the professional dance world. Acceptance into this program is by audition. These classes concentrate on developing and strengthening a strong balance of technique and performance through intense conditioning and technical training. Our teachers are happy to discuss the qualifications required to enroll.

Dancers in Pink